BikeAway E-bike locker
BikeAway E-bike locker

How far can I cycle on one charge?

This will depend on how much battery power you use, but a full charge will allow you to cycle up to 60 miles.

Can I use my E-Bike in the rain?

Yes, all Volt bikes electrics are safely housed to protect them whilst cycling in even the worst weather.

It is essential however that after riding in wet weather to remove the battery and dry the battery housing and terminals with a cloth or towel.

(Don’t fully submerge the bike in water or wash your frame using a pressure washer.)

And don’t let the risk of poor weather put you off taking the plunge – it rains a lot less than we think and there is excellent wet weather protection gear available!

What happens if I run out of battery charge while cycling?

The battery has four LEDs to show you the amount of charge left, you also have a digital reading on the LCD display. However if you run out of battery you can also pedal just like a standard bicycle.

How does the scheme work?

We will ask you to commit to a using the E-bike and locker for at least 1 year.  Our team will  bolt the locker to the ground in a sunny spot at your place of work (subject to agreement and provision of land by your employer).  At the end of the first year you can choose to continue on the same basis or return the bike and locker (in good working order) for a refund of your initial deposit.  At the end of year 3, you can choose to return the e-bike and receive a refund of your initial deposit; or return the e-bike in exchange for a BRAND NEW replacement and continue as before; or the 3 year old E-bike is yours to keep (subject to forfeit of the initial deposit).

How much will it cost?

We will ask you to pay a £300.00 fully refundable deposit for the e-bike plus the first months scheme rental of £99.00, up front.  The monthly rental will continue at £99 per month for up to 3 years.  If the e-bike and locker are returned to us before this time, you will receive a full refund of your initial £300 deposit. Please note that should you hand back the E-bike during the first 12 months,  £150 of the initial deposit will be retained by BikeAway to cover admin and costs.

Sounds great, what do you need from me to get the ball rolling?

Please drop us an email at

We will need your name, address and telephone numbers along with your work address and telephone number.  Please talk to your employer about a suitable location for the locker.

We will also ask you to provide 2 forms of identification .

We would aim to get your e-bike and locker to you within 2 weeks so you can start your Longer-Healthier-Wealthier-Life in a Happier-Cleaner-Better-World without delay!